Reception Information Sheet

The following has been provided to assist you while filling out the Reception PLANNING Sheet. The information includes tips, ideas and suggestions for a successful party. Each BOLD heading corresponds to a section on your planner. If you have any questions, please call us 478-298-0239.

Entrance of Wedding Party

Upon arrival at your reception site, we suggest formally starting the event with a grand entrance of the wedding party followed by the bride & groom. This announcement serves as the kick-off to the party. It is not being done as an introduction of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but rather as an enthusiastic recognition of these special loved ones. We will coordinate the entrance order of each couple and then announce each name as they enter to a classical or an upbeat musical background of your choice.

Entrance of the Bride & Groom

As your MC announces the entrance of the bride and groom your friends and family will rise and greet you with applause and cheers.

First Dance Song

All of the attention is now focused on you and the dance floor. The first few notes of your special song begin to play as you begin to share your first dance as husband and wife. Many couples choose to have the wedding party join them halfway through the dance. By doing this, you give the photographer an opportunity to photograph your wedding party, plus it shortens the amount of time the two of you are dancing.

Bride/Groom to Welcome and Thank Guests

A receiving line is a dated and time-consuming method of greeting your guests. The following is a fun and memorable alternative to the typical receiving line. Upon entering the room, we encourage you to acknowledge your guests. We will provide you with a wireless mic. This is a wonderful opportunity to welcome everyone and to do any special acknowledgements, such as guests who have traveled a long distance or friends or families who have contributed in the preparation of the ceremony or reception. It’s especially meaningful to hear from the bride and groom how important their friends and family are to them.


Immediately following your welcome, we recommend having the meal service begin. Remember, although you have just arrived; your guests have been waiting for some time. During the pre-planning stages, inform your caterer what time you expect to arrive and that you would like the meal service to begin shortly after that. It is easier for the caterer to move the food service back if you are running late than it is for them to move it forward if you are ahead of schedule. Once you have had the opportunity to enjoy your meal, it is a good time for the bride and groom to visit with their guests. Typically, most guests will still be eating and you will have about 20 minutes to mingle table to table.

Cake Cutting

Following the toast is the traditional cutting of the cake. You will notice that your guests are now getting more animated, and giving their enthusiastic encouragement to the bride and groom during the feeding of the first piece of cake. The fun of this formality is in the anticipation. We suggest that you have a playful, yet sensible attitude while feeding each other.


The toast is usually done at the conclusion of the meal, either before or after the cutting of the cake (your choice).. Your MC will be glad to coordinate all aspects of this event. After the champagne has been poured, we will have a wireless mic available for your best man, maid of honor, fathers, or any others to say a few words. We strongly discourage open toasting. This can be a slow and awkward process that drastically impacts the smooth flow of your reception.

Bouquet Toss

As your MC assembles the single ladies on the dance floor, you will want to be sure to have your throw bouquet handy. Your MC will get the energy level up as he counts the throw with you, 3-2-1. Following the catch, the photographer will want to get a special photo of the bride with the woman who caught the bouquet. If you want an alternative to this tradition, please let us know. We will be happy to suggest other options that will allow you to give away your bouquet and still create a unique and memorable moment for you and your guests.

Garter Removal/Toss

For the garter removal, the bride can sit on a chair or on the best man’s knee. The groom will then get down on one knee in front of his bride. Your MC can invite all of the single men to the dance floor before the garter is removed, (to create a nice background for photos) or once the garter has been removed. Then countdown for the toss can begin, 3-2-1. The gentleman who catches the garter may be joined on the dance floor with the woman who caught the bouquet. The bride and groom can then join them for a fun, candid photo.

Father/Daughter Dance Song

One of the most traditional events at the reception is the moment the father of the bride dances with his daughter. This special song can also include the groom with his mother. Your MC can also invite all fathers/daughters or mothers/sons to join in halfway through this dance.

Parents Dance Song

You can choose a special song for the parents of the bride and groom. Each set of parents is invited to the dance floor to share a special dance with their children. One option is to have all parents and their children join in halfway through this dance.

Other Spotlight Dance

For some brides, a special dance with a Stepfather, Uncle, Brother, or close family friend is done in lieu of, or in addition to, a parents dance.

Money Dance

If you decide to do a money dance, your MC will announce it as an opportunity for your friends and family to share a special slow dance with the bride or groom. The MC will ask the best man and maid of honor to assist him. They will help ensure the timely flow of the guest and collect the money. It’s important that the bride and groom remain on the dance floor at the conclusion of the money dance. As the music tempo picks up, your presence will encourage all guests to join you as the fast dancing resumes.

General Dancing

It’s important that the bride and groom remain on the dance floor for the first fast dance as it will make it more inviting as your guests start dancing. As we observe the reaction of your guests, we can then best determine which songs to play. Your MC is an expert at music programming and has the ability to “read the crowd” to keep guest of all ages dancing and having fun.

Types of Dance Music Preferred

The very best parties always have a mixture of songs that please and entertain all age groups. Below is a general list of various categories and popular artists. We welcome you to highlight all of your favorite music categories.

  • Big Band/Standards – Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Nat King Cole, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Artie Shaw, Johnny Mathis, etc.
  • 50’s/60/s Rock – Beatles, Beach Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Platters, Bill Haley, Chubby Checker, Bobby Darin, etc.
  • Classic Rock – Bob Seger, AC/DC, Van Halen, John Mellencamp, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Elton John, etc.
  • Funk/Disco – Bee Gees, Village People, Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, Donna Summer, Commodores, Gap Band, Kool & The Gang, Wild Cherry, etc.
  • Motown/60’s Soul – Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Four Tops, Temptations, Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Jackson 5, etc.
  • Country – Shania Twain, Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Alabama, etc.
  • 80’s Retro – Beastie Boys, B-52’s, New Order, Romantics, Cure, INXS, Devo, Clash, Soft Cell, Modern English, Talking Heads, Billy Idol, etc.
  • R&B/Hip Hop – Rob Base, Rick James, Prince, Tone Loc, Young MC, Salt-n-Pepa, Will Smith, C&C Music Factory, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc.
  • Ethnic – Italian, Jewish, Irish, Latin, Greek, Cajun, Polkas, Reggae, etc.
    Group Participation Dances – Conga, Shout, YMCA, Electric Slide, Grease, etc.
  • Current Hits – Subject to change


Dedications, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
Be sure to list any special announcements you would like your MC to make. This is a great way to personalize your event and recognize someone special.

Sensitive Subjects

Your MC will conduct himself or herself in a professional and courteous manner at all times throughout your reception. If you feel we need to be aware of any sensitive information regarding your event, family, or guests, please list it here.

Anything Else We Should Know?

If you are having a video presentation, a singer, musicians, fraternity/sorority serenade, centerpiece giveaway, or any other personalized additions that will make your party unique please list them. Your MC will offer suggestions regarding the sequence and timing of these special touches.